Covelano White Marble - A fascination made in Italy

The outstanding quality of Covelano White Marble is its exceptional frost resistance. Its exquisite beauty is revealed in the large slabs with their attractive veins on a pure white background, creating an image that is prized around the world:

Covelano White Marble – beauty and unique technical characteristics in perfect symbiosis!

  • Frost and weather-proof
From cutting to the final product – worldwide

Together with local partners and project managers we are able to realise highly exclusive projects worldwide. Cut-to-size, from cutting to the final product – in internationally acknowledged realisations.

We stock a full range of cut-to-size slabs all year round. You select from the sortation and individually from our range of blocks.

Quality cutting & unique: slab scanning

Our special slab scan can digitise each individual cut ready for your selection to ensure secure completion of the offer – and for you to use in 3D visualisations or presentations in your online shop:

  • visualised by means of digitised slab scan
  • real colour representation
  • high-resolution, reflection-free images
  • all measurement information
Polished, brushed & dressed

Processing in our own factory guarantees both the highest accuracy and consistently high quality. Our processing technology is adjusted and co-ordinated to the exquisite composition of the Covelano White Marble.

Our sales team can inform and advise you in detail!

Tranches & Solid Pieces
Covelano White Marble - For sculptors and stone cutters
Its secret lies in its powerful lustre.

Covelano White Marble is both a very hard and an extremely white marble. Its special crystal structure and purity allows minimal water absorption and makes Covelano White Marble highly resistant to weather and very durable. The vivid refinement of Covelano White Marble will retain its charm long over 100 years:

  • sculptures & reliefs
  • commemorative stones & gravestones
  • steles & fountains
  • sacred workpieces & monuments

We stock tranches and solid pieces all year round for stone cutters and sculptors, with cutting according to individual preferences. Please speak to our works manager directly.

Wall and Floor Tiles
Covelano White Marble - Highest quality - Made in Italy

Marble is a symbol of timeless elegance. Investing in Covelano White Marble means investing in a healthy indoor climate and thus increasing the value of your property – for generations.

Covelano White Marble: each tile is the result of unique high-quality processing

Wall and floor tiles of Covelano White Marble, a natural product, offer an attractively wide variety combined with high quality. For exclusive bathrooms, kitchens and all representation areas, as well as offering frost resistance outdoors

Ideal for underfloor heating to create an ambience of well-being & for barefoot areas

Marble tiles have the outstanding characteristic of storing warmth efficiently over long periods. They give off the warmth from underfloor heating into a room in a comfortable, regular way. In the warm season, on the other hand, they are pleasantly cool.

Marble is a pure natural product that is ideal for allergy sufferers, poses no hygiene problems and has no harmful components. The origins and high chemical purity of Covelano White Marble ensure it is a radiation-free natural stone

Select from a broad colour pallet of outstandingly beautiful marble variations:

  • different vein colours
  • bright white background
  • vivid patterns
  • linear structures
  • various formats

The special quality criteria of Covelano White Marble:

  • uniqueness
  • frost-proof
  • high solidity
  • timeless elegance
  • numerous design options
  • living traditions and modern trends in harmony

The exclusive selection of wall and floor tiles: Our sales team can advise you in detail!

Marble Blocks
Covelano White Marble - The King of Marble

Its appearance, solidity and frost resistance all ensure Covelano White Marble is an undisputed quality and branded product. It is prized for sophisticated interior designs, representative external façades and for valuable works by sculptors and stone cutters.

The powerful blocks of up to nine cubic metres in size demonstrate why Covelano White Marble fully deserves its name of the “King of Marble”:

  • lustre and luminosity

We stock high-quality blocks of Covelano White Marble all year round. All blocks are cut to size individually according to customer wishes and we welcome special requests:

  • individual block cuts
  • extra lengths
  • special block forms
  • block series
  • large blocks
  • tile blocks

Our sales team can inform and advise you in detail!

Art and Craft
Art & craft from the finest Covelano White Marble

Covelano White Marble has always had a fascination for human beings who wish to enrich their life and surroundings with sophisticated works of pure marble. Artists and designers too commission us to realise their designs and models by hand.

The stone sculptor Thomas Permann from South Tyrol is in charge of our marble studio. Based on living traditions, here we produce unique items, new and artistic works from the finest Covelano White Marble:

  • sculptures & reliefs
  • commemorative stones & gravestones
  • steles & fountains
  • sacred workpieces & monuments
  • garden decorations & gifts

We have objects for viewing in stock all year round and we produce items according to customer wishes; Thomas Permann can be reached in the studio via our works manager.